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Call us at 888-708-1104 

Continental Cargo, PJ, Top Hat, Wells Cargo & Performance Trailer Dealer

Trailer Service, Sales & Repair 

Portable Barbeques & Fire Pits For Sale in Texas

Locations in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown & San Marcos, Texas

Traditional Texas pride and craftsmanship go into every trailer manufactured by Magnum; that's evident from the very first time you examine a Magnum Custom Trailer.  From the fine steel frame to the smallest weld joint, you find the quality that comes only with years of knowledge gained through experience.

At our Magnum Trailers manufacturing facility, we donít believe in mass production and there are absolutely no assembly lines. Our quality control process has a zero tolerance policy for defects and every trailer is proudly crafted by hand; each detail is carefully inspected to exact specifications prior to being approved and released into our family of custom trailer inventory. When you compare the superior materials, great value and the unparalleled reputation of the most reliable custom trailer on the road or in the water, you will know that Magnum trailers cannot be matched.

Superior quality. Superior workmanship. Magnum Trailers.

In addition to our Magnum custom trailers, we are also a dealer for Continental Cargo trailers, Performance, PJ Trailers for sale, Top Hat trailers, Moss Creek, and Wells Cargo trailers for service, trailer repair, parts and sales from equipment trailers to livestock trailers. We also have hunting equipment, portable barbeques, and fire pits for sale at our dealerships in San Marcos, San Antonio, Georgetown & Austin, TX. We are also convenient to customers in Waco.  We know that when you are looking for your next trailer for sale in Texas, you have options. Our goal is to provide top quality trailers for a great value to help make your decision a little easier.

Call our Austin, Texas dealership at 888-708-1104 so we can help you find the perfect trailer, portable barbeque, fire pit or hunting equipment or provide you with trailer repair or trailer parts! 

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